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RFX, PMP, Benchmark, OTD

January 27, 2021

RFx, PMP, OTIF, OTD, CAPEX, DDP, FOB… calm down! Before you feel lost, Cafe Procurement Hub is here to help you.
See below for a small dictionary with the main acronyms and technical terms used in the Purchasing area.

B2B - Means “Business to Business.” This term is used by some companies to designate that they do not provide services or sell products to individuals, only to other companies.

B2C - Means “Business to Customer.” Used to indicate companies that sell directly to the end...

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Price Formula

January 14, 2021

Hello buyers!
Today we are mainly going to talk about price formulas and about the so-called “Triggers.”
There is no exact rule on whether or not to use a price formula, and although the time spent during the initial trade is lengthy, the benefits of having a formula outweigh it. Generally, a price formula is used when a large part of the material’s production cost is linked to a commodity (world consumer goods or traded on stock exchanges worldwide).
Attention! We will not discuss the sales...

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Supply and Purchasing Agreement Clauses I

December 14, 2020

So, you are a buyer and received a demand, looked for new suppliers if needed, evaluated the best source of supply, negotiated the commercial conditions, registered the item properly in your system and … done? Not at all! If the item in question is classified as an "A" or "B" item on your ABC curve, the development and signing of a Supply & Purchasing agreement is essential.
A properly written contract is one that clarifies to the parties “who does what.” Ideally, the contract should be...

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If you touch it...fix it!

December 8, 2020

Regardless of the size of your company (and your department), purchasing professionals know that no matter how careful we are, there are always those processes that “fall behind,” and the reasons why are numerous: urgency, change of scope, a buyer left the company and did not finish the process, etc.
Obviously, the larger the company and the larger the purchasing area, the greater the chance of encountering these types of processes along the way. If you have already gone through an...

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What means to be a buyer?

November 20, 2020

Doctor, airplane pilot, astronaut, fireman, there are countless possibilities, but I doubt anyone has ever heard the answer, “I want to be a buyer!”
Especially in countries where the Supply Chain area has been more popular in the last few decades, education in the Purchasing area is still quite scarce and restricted. Typically, new buyers learn from more experienced buyers.
At the beginning of my purchasing career, I heard from my manager, who today is still one of my mentors, “Flavia, the...

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