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Let's grow together...

April 15, 2021

We have already talked about how much the pandemic has changed our society and the ways that we relate and communicate. We have also talked about “Lives” (real time content sharing) and how much this new way of communicating has facilitated the development and exchange of content.
Not by chance, dozens of portals and content developers have emerged to “fight” over the audience.
Competition is free, and being good procurement professionals, we know that the mor suppliers we have, the better....

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Let's talk about ethics

April 27, 2021

Ethos, a word of Greek origin, can have two meanings : Customs, and character. According to the dictionary, ethics is a field of philosophy dedicated to investigating the principles that motivate, distort, discipline or guide human behavior.
Much is said about ethics, especially in the professional environment. However, if ethics is the investigation of human behavior, and human behavior is the set of reactions of a dynamic system in the face of interactions, how can we ensure that you and I...

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