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The importance of asking questions

September 9, 2021

Afraid of seeming ignorant? Fear of judgment? An urge to demonstrate that you know more than you really know? There are many reasons why adults (especially in the business environment) do not ask questions. The truth is that if everyone was aware of how important it is to ask questions, professional relationships would be easier.
If you were a child in Brazil, in the 90s, you certainly remember the character “Johnny” who asked dozens of questions, until someone answered “Because I said so,...

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The auction trap

September 9, 2021

Let's discuss one of the most loved (if not the most loved) purchasing tool by buyers, which is also at the same time the most hated by suppliers: the auction.
In an increasingly digital world, it is common to find dozens, perhaps hundreds of eSourcing tools. eSourcing is the term that refers to “Electronic Sourcing”, meaning digital purchases. It is the set of tools, systems and methodologies that aims to help buyers through the use of technology.
Ivalua, SAP Ariba, Coupa, Krinati and several...

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