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The famous cost breakdown

March 2, 2021

Certainly you, a purchasing professional (or Supply Chain), have heard of cost breakdown. But, why is this concept so important that even exercises related to it are often used as an elimination criterion in job interviews?
The cost structure not only allows an understanding of the material or service’s cost composition, but also guides the authorization of price adjustments when they are requested. Let’s use an example to facilitate understanding: You are responsible for the glass packaging...

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Cost, Price and Value

March 10, 2021

In Supply Chain and especially in Purchasing, much is said about the material cost, product price and total value of the purchase requisition. But, do you know how to use each of these terms correctly? Heads up! They are not synonymous! In case you don't know the difference, we will help clarify!

Cost: It is the amount (monetary) necessary to "bring life" to your product or service. The cost can be classified as direct or indirect cost and we will clarify these differences as well.

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RPAs and the Soft Skills

March 29, 2021

     It has become increasingly common to hear about technological disruptions. Every day there is a new tool, software, methodology or someone trying to do something different. And this is excellent!
     Technological disruptions tend to cause astonishment and fear. Imagine the reaction of the first person who saw a working television or who received a fax message. Imagine the first person who received an email or when a cell phone rang for the first time.
Now do another exercise: Try to...

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