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Supply and Purchasing Agreement Clauses III

January 11, 2021

Hello purchasing professionals! Welcome to the last post about contractual clauses. Previously, we talked about the less complex negotiation and execution clauses (Price Adjustment, Rebate, Force Majeure and Contingency Plan). We also discussed the medium complexity clauses (Exclusivity, Competition, Initial Right of Refusal and Take or Pay), so now we will finally close this series with the most complex clauses: Most Favored Consumer and Meet or Release.

Most Favored Consumer: Since we are...

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The gift of 2020

January 11, 2021

What year my friends!
Informal surveys report that 9 out of 10 people considered 2020 to be a tough year. There were many difficulties, adaptations to make, but mainly losses. Loss of relationships that did not resist the “house arrest” imposed by the pandemic, loss of work positions that also didn’t resist the chaos created in the economy due to changes in consumer habits and especially the loss of lives. There were 356,000 deaths in the USA and 1,750,000 deaths worldwide. Fathers, mothers,...

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Dancing Through Life

January 11, 2021

2021 started and you, a buyer, are getting ready for this new year and are updating your readings when you face a text called “Dancing Through Life.” You may be wondering what this text has to do with Purchasing. I’ll explain. In my last text of 2020, we talked about resilience (the gift that 2020 gave us) and now, in my first text of 2021, before we start discussing technical purchasing subjects, I want to talk about something extremely important for any professional: inspiration!
One of my...

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Price Formula

January 14, 2021

Hello buyers!
Today we are mainly going to talk about price formulas and about the so-called “Triggers.”
There is no exact rule on whether or not to use a price formula, and although the time spent during the initial trade is lengthy, the benefits of having a formula outweigh it. Generally, a price formula is used when a large part of the material’s production cost is linked to a commodity (world consumer goods or traded on stock exchanges worldwide).
Attention! We will not discuss the sales...

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RFX, PMP, Benchmark, OTD

January 27, 2021

RFx, PMP, OTIF, OTD, CAPEX, DDP, FOB… calm down! Before you feel lost, Cafe Procurement Hub is here to help you.
See below for a small dictionary with the main acronyms and technical terms used in the Purchasing area.

B2B - Means “Business to Business.” This term is used by some companies to designate that they do not provide services or sell products to individuals, only to other companies.

B2C - Means “Business to Customer.” Used to indicate companies that sell directly to the end...

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