Breaking the SSI cycle

March 29, 2022

   One of the beauties of working in Consulting is the opportunity to be immersed in the Purchasing areas in several companies at the same time. Each one with its particularities, systems, leadership and especially its modus operandi.
   I recently worked for a company whose main objective, like 95% of consulting engagements, was cost reduction. Due to my strategic thinking and long term mindset, I always prefer to deliver “Supply Chain Optimization”, rather than simply “Cost Reduction”...

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You are using LinkedIn incorrectly

March 7, 2022

   If you do these things, you are definitely not taking full advantage of this powerful tool.
I'm far from being a LinkedIn “Top Voice”, however, I'm proud of all the jobs and opportunities I've received via this corporate network (my last 3 full time jobs for example) and all the connections I cultivate.
   Yes! Here's the keyword: Connections! They are not friends, they are not colleagues, often they are not even acquaintances. They might be people I worked with, they might be suppliers,...

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A true story about toxic work environment

February 22, 2022

   A lot is said about toxic relationships. We now need to bring this to the corporate world.
   Unfortunately, it's really common to find professionals wrapped in toxic corporate environment. Let’s use a real example, which happened to me.
   I am usually considered a strong-willed person, who speaks up (a personality trait that I’m glad I inherited from both my parents). If I believe in something, I’ll speak up and it doesn’t matter if my bosses, clients, peers or employees will like it or...

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What I've learned with Consulting

February 16, 2022

Since I am a professional in the Purchasing and Supply Chain area, I have always worked in large structured multinationals, with established processes and procedures, aiming not only at good professional performance, but also at good Human Resources practices, whose objectives are the development, respect and harmony within the company itself.
My professional trajectory ended up taking me to the world of consulting, where I had the opportunity to learn things that structured companies could...

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The Procurement Lovers Triad

October 4, 2021

I've previously written that Procurement professionals often “fall” into Purchasing. Except for a few examples - so far, I've only met one (ONE!) person who chose to work in the Purchasing area, when he was an intern.
In my case, I was an intern at a multinational in the cosmetic industry in the field of Packaging Engineering. The Purchasing and Packaging Engineering areas shared the same floor in the office building and I often bumped into Purchasing staff in the cafeteria. Months passed and...

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